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How To Apply


  • All CIT applicants must choose ONE of the following projects to complete as part of their application process for CIT.

  • Each project must be completed and submitted by the student

  • Each project must be submitted electronically via the SchoolMint account you create when applying

  • Project must be saved in a file format that can be opened or accessed on any operating system or internet browser. Please include any additional instructions if it is not straight forward.

All projects must be submitted by 2/1/24 at 11:59 pm.


Option #1:


Create a website about you-your talents, interests, hobbies, academics or whatever else you may choose to include about yourself.  Google sites, wix, etc


Option #2:

Virtual Tour 

Your task is to create a 3 dimensional digital tour of your favorite place. This could be somewhere fictitious or somewhere real. You may use programs like Sketch-up, AutoCAD, Minecraft, etc.

Option #3:

Video Game or Digital App

Develop a video game or digital app that focuses on the subject of your choice. The game or app should be interesting, useful, visually appealing and intellectually challenging. The game should have educational and social value. 

If you have any questions or need any additional clarification do not hesitate to call or email:


Pam Fayman - CIT Coordinator

804-590-3108 (ext. 203)

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