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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a CIT student?

Any 8th grader interested in CIT or any other Chesterfield County Specilaty Center program must go through the application process. Visit our admissions page for more info or the CCPS Specialty Center site.

Is CIT a part of Matoaca High School?

Definitely! We are one school, one community. Students may travel in an area of study different than others, but we are proudly one Matoaca! CIT students do take their core TL courses together but CIT students are also a part of the whole fantantistc community that is Matoaca High School; all students have availability to the various electives, clubs, sports, chorus, band, orchestra, fine arts, maker space ... the list goes on and on. Matoaca High School is a wonderful place to learn!

Are there any summer assignments for CIT students?

Depending on the course, there can be. This information will be provided prior. For example, freshman CIT students will typically have required reading in prep for the AP Computer Science Principals class. Click HERE for more info.

Are there opportunities for CIT student families to be involved?

Yes. CIT parents are invited to help with booster events as well as other activities that may be coordinated for CIT. There is a Facebook group for CIT Parents to be able to connect; search Matoaca High School CIT Parents on Facebook and ask to join (approval granted to those with students in CIT). We also encourage all parents to become involved with the Matoaca High School PTA.

How is communication handled for CIT?

The principal of Matoaca High School does an amazing job sending out info to all families. The CIT coordinator, Mrs. Anderson reaches out via email and uses the Remind app for CIT specific info. Each graduating CIT class will have their own grade specific Remind app code

What does a CIT student schedule look like?

With multiple IT elective options as well as various AP & Dual Enrollment opportunities, there are many options. With the help of the CIT Counselor, Mrs. Hudgins, and the CIT Coordinator, Mrs. Anderson, students can achieve their academic goals. Click HERE for an example of a CIT class schedule year by year.

What makes the CIT Specialty Center different?

CIT offers the most IT electives and certifications of any comprehensive high school within Chesterfield County. We are dedicated to our students developing a growth mindset and providing what they need to acheive their goals.

What about specialty center transportation?

There are specialy center buses and hubs in several areas across the county which change ech year based on enrollement.More information can be found on the school division website.

Can a CIT student also participate in the Early College Academy (ECA) Program?

Yes. Click here for more info.

What are TL courses.

TL stands for Technology Learning. TL is a course code designation for core honors classes (English, History, Math,Science) specifc to CIT students. CIT students must achieve 12 TL core course / IT elective credits by graduation.

Are AP and Dual Enrollement Courses available?

Yes! Click here for more info.

Accepted? On the wait list? Now what?

Click HERE for acceptance info.