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Thank you for your interest in the Center for Information Technology.

Eighth grade students interested in applying to CIT, other specialty centers, or Governor’s Schools may apply through the application portal at; typically available mid October till the beginning of December.      


Along with the application, transcripts, and teacher recommendations, CCPS will use this format to distribute acceptance and wait-list notifications.


Current eighth grade students who are residents of Chesterfield County are eligible to apply to the various CCPS specialty center options. Online applications, projects (depending on the center), and potential testing (determined by each center & state of the pandemic) will have deadlines that must be adhered to.

Visit CCPS Specialty Center for more info. For CIT specific inquiries, contact CIT Coordinator, Jill Anderson.

CIT Specialty Center Application Guide: 

  • Info is for 8th graders who will be entering 9th grade fall 2022. Updates for '23 will be made fall 2022.

  • Include all activities, accomplishments, and interests.

  • Ask a math or science teacher (preferably 7th or 8th) for a recommendation.

  • Ask another middle school teacher, coach, or sponsor for a recommendation.

  • Have your application submitted by the deadline.

  • Complete your CIT Project by the due date, following all requirements.

  • Be mindful that the CIT required IT elective for 9th grade is AP Computer Science Principles or IT Fundamentals.

  • Understand that in addition to meeting all academic standards, CIT students are required to log a minimum of 10 community service hours per year.

  • Remember to thank those providing your recommendations.

  • Communicate with the CIT Coordinator if you have any questions.



CIT Admissions Criteria

An admissions committee will consider the following criteria in making CIT admission decisions:

  • A genuine interest in IT with a strong growth mindset (specific IT experience not required).

  • A strong application demonstrating activities, achievements, awards, involvement, and interests submitted by the due date. 

  • Completion of the required CIT Project submitted by the due date. 

  • Two required recommendations 

  • Trajectory of successful completion of all 8th grade coursework, prepared for Honors level high school courses. 

Applicant Testing

Traditionally, admission tests would be administered as part of the CIT Specialty Center Application process in addition to an "elevator speech." Due to COVID-19 safety measures, applicant evaluations must be altered. Instead of our traditional testing that consisted of three assessments (reading comprehension, math, and writing), applicants will be required to submit a project, distributed and collected virtually. This project, in addition to the other criteria, is designed to give similar insight as prior testing methods. 

Admissions Timeline

Admissions are typically announced in March, but pandemic related changes may cause different timelines. Shadow days for accepted and wait-listed students, prior to committing, cannot currently be guaranteed, but virtual versions may be an option. Wait-list admissions usually begin in early April and continue throughout the summer until the start of the school year.